one of the experiences you should go through while you are in Morocco is to go Sahara .
If you don t have time to go to the deep south of Morocco where sahara is , we have an amazing alternative : agafay rocky desert.

The latter lies 30 kilometeres from Marrakech and covers several hundered acres of arid landscape with amzing layers of rock dunes.
agafay desert offers an opportunity for our dear clients to hike , bike and ride camels too .
At night the desert become so beautiful with iron candle lamps and scattered fire torches , a heaven of peace and tranquility.

Agafay desert enjoy the rocky desert of Marrakech Quad and buggy ride ,camel ride ,overnight in Agafay desert camp & Hose back ride

This stony desert will astonish you and and make you forget the intense atmosphere of the center of Marrakech .

The High Lights of the day Trip
.feast your eyes about the beauty of the countryside – landscape
.Enjoy the sunset with the majestic view of the High Atlas mountains
.cherich the moment of drinking mint tea
.Have lunch in a berber tent looking upon the view of the mountains
.arrive back to Marrakech by the end of the day .

you can also go to agafay rocky desert to have a look at sunset , have dinner and go back to marrakech .
In general, the your day trip to agafay can be customized to make it an exceptional experience.

Our company will pick from your hotel or riad, hit the road to go to the agafay rocky desert.
Once your reach agafay , you can go for a walk in the barren hills and enjoy the view of the high atlas mountains , have some mint tea.

after a while lunch will be served in a berber tent.
after sunset, you will go back to Marrakech loaded with so many pictures and stories to tell about Marrakeh desert.

It is an experience like no other.

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