Renowned for its unusual architectural heritage and its very special atmosphere, Marrakech continues to inspire tourists and travelers of all stripes. It is then time to enjoy a Marrakech free walking tour. 

Whether you go on your own, using a low-cost flight or through an all-inclusive stay, Marrakech is indeed very easily accessible for various holiday formats, whether for a few days and visit the city or several weeks to roam across Morocco.

Marrakech stands out above all for its medina, one of the most beautiful and most exciting there is. In the heart of the medina, Djema el Fna square, nerve center and symbol of the city, brings together a feverish activity, where the traditional and folk tend to come together. All around, surrounded by its ramparts, stretches the medina, a veritable labyrinth where you will be happy to get lost and to take a Marrakech free walking tour.

The surrounding wall is full of sites to discover: several remarkable monuments such as the Koutoubia mosque, the Ben Youssef madrassah or the Bahia palace, testify to the historic dimension of Marrakech. But the most total change of scenery takes place in the souks, organized by districts and by trades. An experience in its own right, where colors and scents intermingle. You can discover all these places by your own on a Marrakech free walking tour By the way, do not hesitate to try to bargain during your shopping, while avoiding if possible the inevitable tourist traps!

Marrakech is also very well located for undertaking excursions in the more or less close surroundings, if there is enough time: you can go towards the heights to discover the Atlas or beyond towards Ouarzazate, in the other direction, towards the coast and the charming Essaouira, you can say that the possibilities are wide!

In the hectic red city of Morocco, don’t spend all your dirhams. Take advantage of free, breathtaking activities, and go on a Marrakech free walking tour 

If you are staying in Marrakech for only one day and you want to discover it all we present you this itinerary to follow in your Marrakech free walking tour : 

1- Wandering in the Medina of Marrakech


Bewitching, the medina of Marrakech is a sensory labyrinth in which getting lost becomes a game and a real pleasure. Pass between the spice and pottery stalls, the fountains and the babouche sellers and let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere that reigns there.


2- Discover the small place Rahba Kadima

Very old square in Marrakech, Rahba Kadima has a scent of authenticity that is found nowhere else. Here, herbalists and crushers of artisanal henna meet in a festival of colors and smells. A little treasure not to be missed!

3- Stroll on the Jemaa el-Fna square

A traditional Mecca and nerve center of Marrakech, the Jemaa el-Fna square appeals to all travelers who venture there. The singers meet snake charmers, dancers, and fortune-tellers … An essential element of your Marrakech free walking tour that will not cost you a penny!

4- Admire the Koutoubia and rest in its garden

With its sublime decoration and its 69-meter high minaret, the Koutoubia impresses. This 12th century mosque, closed to non-Muslims, still offers sumptuous gardens where you can stroll in peace.

5- Enjoy the calm of Cyber ​​Parc

Near Bab Nkob gate, a place where you can rest and enjoy the calm atmosphere during your Marrakech free walking tour. 

Lush garden with a succession of lemon trees, orange blossoms, and palm trees, the Arsat Moulay Abdessalam Cyber ​​Park is also equipped … with multimedia terminals! You have free Wi-Fi and a snap of a photo with your friends!

6- Marvel in David Bloch’s gallery

Rue des Vieux-Marrakechis

Oriented towards contemporary art and street art, the David Bloch Gallery is a place full of daring that stands out in the landscape of Marrakech. A real little museum completely free,to discover without hesitation, do not miss this such a wonderful place in your Marrakech free walking tour.

For those discovering Marrakech for the first time with many places off the beaten track,

The journeys correspond to almost 10-km of km per day on foot,The routes include museums and monuments, markets, panoramas, parks, seashores, and churches…

Here is the guide to follow for your Marrakech free walking tour

Between the splendor and traditions of the Old City and the French cultural and architectural contributions of the New City, you should enjoy visiting in this Marrakech free walking tour the two sides of Janus-Marrakech.

 This Marrakech free walking tour is for people who have more time in Marrakech and who are willing to discover the city deeply. 


> Day 1 of the itinerary to the Marrakech free walking tour.


Jemaa el Fna.

Here is the heart of Marrakech and by extension of Morocco, quiet at sunrise, the place is agitated as the hours go by and become frantic in the evening. There is little (if any) place in the world where you can have a comparable experience. Come for Gnawa concerts and for the unusual atmosphere, between hucksters, fortune tellers and sellers of all kinds. The “monkey trainers” are a little sadder to observe. You can also eat grilled meats, tagines, and couscous even if the touts are a little pushy (the nice word for heavy). a wonderful place to see in your Marrakech free walking tour 


Secret garden.

In one of the most beautiful corners of the Medina of Marrakech, behind a beautiful 16th-century fountain, is a palace from a tale of a thousand and one nights. The former home of No. 2 in Marrakech is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Beautiful gardens, a botanical garden and an Islamic garden, two cafes, one with a panoramic view over the roofs … and a museum on the renovation of the place and the use of water. Human genius in action. a wonderful place to enjoy in your Marrakech free walking tour 


Medersa Ben Youssef

Moroccan mosques can no longer be visited from Lyautey. You just have to visit the Koranic schools and discover there also the genius of Moroccan craftsmen: Zelligue, carved wood, calligraphy … The Medersa Ben Youssef is the largest in North Africa and the most beautiful example of Arab-Andalusian architecture. a stunning historical site you should without any doubt see during your Marrakech free walking tour. 


Museum of photography.

The perfect combo: Beautiful riad + superb collection + coffee on the roofs. You will travel there in space and time in search of the almost biblical Morocco of the last century. Take the opportunity to get lost in the alleys of the medina, one of the best experiences in Marrakech free walking tour.


Majorelle garden and Berber museum.

First, there is this Majorelle blue that you will keep in mind all your life. The art deco villa then and then the botanical garden and above all a museum of ethnology dedicated to the Berbers. It is one of the most visited and pleasant places in Marrakech. Tourist but essential in your Marrakech free walking tour!


Yves Saint Laurent Museum

New to the exhibition scene, the Yves Saint Laurent museum pays tribute to one of the most prestigious residents of Marrakech. On the program, the creations of the famous couturier, sketches and photos…


Guéliz district

Meet in the western part of Marrakech to discover the life of the Moroccan middle class. You can incidentally eat cheaper than in tourist restaurants in the medina and also drink alcohol, in addition to delicious squeezed orange juice and mint teas.

The length of this Marrakech free walking tour is: 5 km.

In the Casbah and the medina

After discovering the north of the Medina, we will go south in the Casbah (fortifications) and the Mellah (Jewish quarter) to discover a disappeared Marrakech in your Marrakech free walking tour.


Jemaa el Fnaa.

Return to the center of the medina of Marrakech.


The Koutoubia mosque.

Here is one of the symbols of Marrakech: A mosque and its sober and elegant minaret. It alone represents the austerity of the dynasties coming from the desert and practicing a strict Islam versus those of the north of the country (Fez) who are quicker to incorporate beliefs outside Islam. 


Mamounia Hotel.

This is one of the most lavish hotels in the city. Churchill, Joséphine Baker, Ray Charles, Jacques Brel, Orson Welles, Aznavour…. among others stayed there. A nice place to drink coffee and discover the art of Moroccan gardens. and to take a rest from your Marrakech free walking tour  


Saadian tombs.

You are in the Casbah (fortress in Arabic) south of the Medina. Many storks have taken up residence on the local buildings. The Saadians were a powerful dynasty whose graves are of remarkable finesse. The place is very touristy and a little disappointing. Go deeper into the Casbah and you will find nice and colorful cafes where you can sip coffee in your Marrakech free walking tour and enjoy the view  


El Badi Palace.

To get an idea of ​​the power of Saadians, you must visit their ancient palace. A gigantic ruin to tell the truth with the power of evocation intact. The impressive palace was moved to Meknes during the change of dynasty. A way to make the predecessors fall into oblivion. A small museum and photo exhibitions are organized there. a unique place to see in your Marrakech free walking tour.  


Bahia Palace.

One of the most beautiful and largest palaces in Marrakech. The interior gardens are superb, as are the interior decorations in the staterooms. A true masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship and the ancient r

residence of the Protector of Morocco during the colonial period.


Tiskiwin Museum.

One of the essential museums of Marrakech. You will discover the beliefs, crafts and skills of different ethnic groups in Morocco, the Sahara and West Africa. Beautiful riad, a quite exceptional collection of objects and very interesting explanations.a place where you can discover different cultures and to make your Marrakech free walking tour rewarding  


Jemaa el Fnaa.

Return to Jemaa el Fnaa for the discovery of the place in the evening. You can go to the café terraces for a panoramic view or stay with the locals who come to enjoy the family show. No place in any city in the world offers such a frenzy every day of the year. 

The length of this Marrakech free walking tour is:  6 km.


why you should have a  Marrakech free walking tour. 

Immense medieval city of the Maghreb, Marrakech is now a tourist destination of choice. The city has a hot and dry climate, which is good for walking tours. Still nicknamed the Pearl of the South, Marrakech is surrounded by countless palm groves and the Koutoubia minaret. The open-air markets, palaces, mosques, avenues of the modern city, the walls … Marrakech is full of so many places to discover!


From the place where we stay, we go to the discovery of the Pearl of the South and understand its nuggets. You can start the tour by visiting the emblem of Marrakech, the most famous and most apparent, namely the Koutoubia. Recognizable by its minaret which dominates the whole city, the Koutoubia mosque presents itself as a real compass allowing tourists to locate themselves in the heart of the city.


The Bahia Palace is also worth a visit. Built-in a beautiful two-hectare garden at the end of the 19th century, it is an arrangement of luxury apartments with a view of the interior courtyards. In this palace, one can visit the sultan’s favorite apartments, the central courtyard paved with marble crowned with fountains and zelliges and the council room decorated with mosaic decor. It is clear that around a thousand craftsmen from Fez participated in the construction of the Bahia Palace.


Do not miss the discovery of the famous Saadian tombs. It is a mausoleum that remains a real treasure of Marrakech.

If you want to learn more about the city of Marrakech and its different historical places and culture, do not hesitate to book a Marrakech walking tour with us, and we will guarantee you a rewarding, fun and unique walk around this wonderful city.