Nestled in the heart of the medina, the souks are an essential stop during a stay in Marrakech. This maze of alleys with stalls overflowing with goods concentrates all facets of local crafts. This is where you have to go to shop, for this you need a Marrakech souk price guide to know how to haggle!

Berber carpet, metal lantern, leather pouffe, camel skin slippers, silver jewelry … Whatever you want to bring back as a souvenir of your stay in the ocher city, we will invariably answer you the same thing: go make a turn in the souks and do not forget your Marrakech souk price guide!

Morocco has an ancient, rich, sophisticated and multifaceted craft industry. They relate both to decoration with furniture, lighting, pottery, tableware. Clothing or fashion: Accessories, bags, saddlebags, jewelry, clothing, shoes, slippers and so on. will find all this with the help of your Marrakech souk price guide. 

Moroccan craftsmen work all the many raw materials available: Wood, leather, wool, clay, stone … with a know-how to make consumers of standardized goods fade that we are.

No wonder that in front of this profusion, we felt the urge to bring back more than a memory, beautiful objects … the cheapest possible for this Marrakech souk price guide is important.

Part of the magic of Marrakech is in its souks straight out of miles and one nights. 

  • Cultural shock around prices

However, between supply and demand, there is a significant cultural difference. Where in the West prices are set according to criteria that we imagine tangible, logical and unchanging, in Morocco prices are negotiated around a mint tea. On the one hand the prices are displayed, on the other they result from a discussion which can last ten minutes and to avoid this you must have your marrakech souk price guide!

In Marrakech it is very rare to have prices displayed, this is not necessarily the case elsewhere in Morocco. In Essaouira, many stores put a price on their object and this is often enough to close the sale.

In short. Depending on your desire to buy, your patience, your sociability and your ability to negotiate and your Marrakech souk price guide: Shopping in Marrakech is happiness, rehearsal comedy or annoyance.

  • Tips for making trading fun

There are several frequently used sales techniques, the fact of knowing them plays down the exchange:

  • Mint tea. You will be invited to drink tea. Up to 3 glasses according to tradition. It’s a courtesy and a fun time to share. If you’ve already had 12 drinks, politely refuse and pretend to have your Marrakech souk price guide with you.
  • Gift. You will sometimes be offered an object of little value. Accept the gift and thank the generosity of the merchant. If nothing interests you, don’t feel like you have to buy anything.
  • The time of day. If you arrive at 10 a.m., you will be asked to buy something because the first customer of the day is lucky. At the end of the afternoon, the speech evolves. The seller didn’t sell anything that day. He therefore offers you a great price. A smile is enough to signify that you know this story.
  • Some tips and techniques to use as a buyer to use as a Marrakech souk price guide:
  • The souk is most pleasant in the morning, around 9 a.m., when the vendors are not quite awake and open their shops.
  • Do not hesitate to return to a store where you will be asked to psychologically prepare your salesperson. Tell him you won’t buy anything and that you have your marrakech souk price guide with you.
  • Remember that clothes make the monk, your outfit, your shoes, your watch … inform the seller about your financial possibilities. Right or wrong. If you are offered an exorbitant price for a product (say a cushion cover at 100 euros), tell the merchant that it is the price of your plane ticket. This will put his feet back on the ground this is a good trick to use for Marrakech souk price guide.
  • If the negotiation begins on a product that does not interest you (it happens), offer a ridiculous price. When asked for a “serious” price, raise your first price slightly to politely indicate your lack of interest.
  • If a product interests you, pretend otherwise. Do not hesitate to say that the same product is much cheaper a hundred meters down the street.
  • After a fairly long exchange, tell the merchant that you have just arrived in Marrakech and that you will come back to see him later during your stay. Miracle the price has just dropped by 20% this is a wonderful way to add to your Marrakech souk price guide!
  • How to assess the right price with Marrakech souk price guide?

If this is your first stay in Morocco, this is obviously all the difficulty and it will disappear once you have your Marrakech souk price guide.

The easiest way is to ask a Moroccan for the ladle price of spices, black soap, etc.

Or go to a supermarket to see the average prices. You can buy certain products there. It’s simpler but less funny.

Ask yourself the question of the price you would pay for an equivalent item at home. Given the standard of living in Morocco, it is likely that your psychological price is 2 or 3 times higher than a correct sale price. Some say that the announced price corresponds to 4 times the real price. while having your Marrakech souk price guide you dont have to worry about paying too much. 

You don’t like to negotiate? There are fixed price stores or have a Marrakech souk price guide. You will pay slightly more than the actual price, which may be much less than the price you negotiate elsewhere. The advantage is also to find prices there and not to be “encouraged” to buy everything and anything.

The souks represent one of the main symbols of Marrakech and Morocco. To take full advantage of the experience, it is possible to benefit from a Marrakech souk price guide and enjoy shopping streets near the Djema El Fna square. Some Marrakech souk price guide also include the discovery of the Medina, the historic district of Marrakech and an excursion to discover the surrounding museums and palaces. 

In total immersion in Moroccan life, the passage through the souks of Marrakech is a must during your stay with a Marrakech souk price guide. Located in the region of Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, the Medina of Marrakech is the historic district of the city. In the souks – of its translation “market” – of the Medina, nomadic display and permanent shops are mixed with the delights of the east. There is something for absolutely everything: leather goods, fruits, vegetables, butchers, sellers of tableware, carpets, babouches, djellabas or caftans .. Ladies and gentlemen you will necessarily find your happiness especially with your Marrakech souk price guide. The souk of the Medina is articulated in aisle with each their “specialty”. The leather goods section of the souk offers pieces working in leather by local craftsmen: handbags, belts, slippers, cushions. Continuing, you will have the tin workers. Their creation revolves around pretty home accessories, crockery, tajines and couscoussières which will make lovely memories to take home, although you need your Marrakech souk price guide. Further north, the dyers dry the wool which will be used to make the scarf. A feast of color for photography enthusiasts. Take the time to chat with them to understand their creative process. Ancestral knowledge. To the south you will find shops and cafes across the aisles. Stop for tea on the terrace to observe the atmosphere of the receding souk. Welcome to Marrakech souk price guide.

The souks of Marrakech are ranked among the largest and most beautiful in Morocco, there is everything: crafts, cooking, pottery, jewelry, spices, slippers, clothing and much more.

To get to the souks of Marrakech is simple, just go to the famous Djema El Fna square and venture into its medina  with your Marrakech souk price guide.

The history of the souks is ancient. These places were favored by the caravanners who exchanged their food before facing the Moroccan desert.

The souks – significant markets in English – quickly became a place of gathering of the populations which started to be established around its last.

The unifying force of these improvised markets is therefore authentic!

Even if the souks lost their artisanal wealth by the arrival of many products from China, some craftsmen (carpenters, ironworkers etc.) continue to use their traditional know-how take your Marrakech souk price guide with you and discover the tradition.

In Marrakech, the activity of the souks mobilizes more than 40,000 craftsmen, specialists in many fields, simple and sometimes unthinkable!

In all, 18 souks are listed passing from the babouches souk, to the spices souk, by the carpet souk, a real labyrinth whose goal is to get lost in order to advance only to the rhythm of the scents, colors and noises, a wonderful place to visit with your Marrakech souk price guide!

A confrontation with the Berber civilization which gives life to these places and attracts you among them.

You will quickly lose your mind among the various products. The favorite solution? 

Have a marrakech souk price guide.

As you go, you will go from one souk to another, each of which is intended for one type of goods.

Organized by corporation, the Marrakchi souks are ten in number.Among the most interesting souks to discover you have:

  • Souk Feharine brings together the creations of potters: plates, bowls, salad bowls, tagine dishes, ashtrays and vases with geometric and multicolored patterns catch the eye.
  • The Souk Attarine is that of spices: you can get there the famous ras el-hanout, this mixture of spices sometimes nicknamed “Maghreb curry”, an essential ingredient of Moroccan cuisine, but also cinnamon, chili and saffron.
  • Souk Smarine specializes in fabrics, caftans and other traditional clothing. your Marrakech souk price guide will show the exact places where you can shop
  • The Apothecaries Souk brings together an incredible amount of potions supposed to cure all ailments, cosmetics, and even love potions.
  • Souk Zrabi with its facades  hung with multicolored rugs: every day around 4 p.m., they are spread out on the ground and the auctions begin. A spectacle not to be missed.
  • The Souk Sebbaghine is the dyers’ district, the Souk Seffarine that of the copper workers, who work copper with a hammer and create lanterns, mirrors and tea trays.
  • Souk Smata brings together the slippers shops: there are all colors, all shapes, all sizes. Do not hesitate to try them with your Marrakech souk price guide.
  • Souk Cherratine is dedicated to leather goods: artisans transform handbags, saddlebags and poufs tanned hides in the north of the Medina, in the tanners’ district.
  • Souk Haddadine is one of those which are worth the detour: one can contemplate there the blacksmiths and the blacksmiths at work, in the process of making lamps, fences and other metal achievements.

To visit the souks of Marrakech, you do not need a guide and even less a map, all the pleasure lies in wandering in its small alleys but if you are looking to purchase goods then you need a Marrakech souk price guide.

and lets not forget that the Marrakchis are also very available to show you the paths.

Some notions of price in Morocco that you can follow in case you don’t have a Marrakech souk price guide.

 If you are a Marrakech souk price guide and you have any objections, please use the comments to correct.

Spices: The price varies from spices between 30 and 60 DH per kilo, turmeric, cumin, ras el hanout (mixture “hide misery” as some call it) are among the least expensive.

Black soap: About 30 DH half a kilo in a plastic bag (more expensive in a waterproof plastic box).

Almonds, walnuts: 80-120 DH per Kg depending on the quality. Dates can be negotiated cheaper.

Verbena: 100 DH per kg.

Shisha: From 150 DH for the little ones. Tobacco for shisha: 20 DH.

Djellaba: Between 90 & 300 DH depending on the quality.

Woven hat: Between 10 and 15 DH.

Small pottery (for tapas, ashtray …): 10 DH if it fits in your hand. 20 DH if a little larger.

Small wooden toys: Between 5 and 10 DH.

Small new teapot: 90-100 DH, cheaper if used.


I hope you have fun with your Marrakech souk price guide. It becomes nice once you get to know the rules of the game.

Do not hesitate to book a Marrakech souk price guide with us and enjoy your stay in Marrakech. 

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