The Covid-19 plunges world tourism into the unknown, as the summer vacation approaches. The plans for progressive deconfinement suggest the first possibilities and the start of an agenda.


The Coronavirus has really brought peace to the whole planet and turned our habits upside down. Even if in some countries there is no total containment, we are all encouraged to stay at home for the good of all.

A few weeks ago, talking about going on a group or individual trip was taboo. as the days at home accumulate, we start to dream again, to dream of a world without a pandemic and beautiful trips in the open air without fear.

Let us take advantage of our time in confinement to project ourselves into better days and dreams of travel and adventure while lying on our sofa watching television, dreaming, and imagining a better future. In order to do so with you, we present to you the destinations where to leave to change your ideas as well as the climate after the COVID-19 pandemic.


The simple name of Morocco evokes perfumes of spices arranged in small colorful pyramids at the edge of the teeming streets of the souks, in a decor of lush gardens and hand-carved wooden doors, that’s the authenticity of Morocco for me.

But Morocco is much more than that!

You have to get out of tourist areas to discover the secrets and to be a little adventurous. Between sea and mountains, deserts, and valleys, the country’s potential is undeniable for travelers. You can opt for a trek in Morocco or even rent a car on-site and visit on your own. Everything is possible in Morocco!

When to go to Morocco?

The Moroccan climate varies a lot according to the regions, which has an interesting advantage: traveling to Morocco is possible all year round, but can however reserve some surprises.

The coast has a temperate climate which makes summers pleasant and winters mild. On the contrary, desert regions can quickly be stuffy in summer and freezing in winter (yes it can be very cold in Morocco)

It is therefore advisable to go to this country during the intermediate seasons, in spring or autumn.

In the Atlas, pay attention to the rainy season, which lasts from November to January, but can sometimes extend until April, to watch out if you plan to go to this corner of Morocco.

How to get around?

The second step is naturally to know how to move once there. Buses, trains, taxis, and other minibusses crisscross the country and can take you to big cities as well as remote places.

But the best solution to optimize your mobility remains car rental. Apart from the obvious anarchy in the cities, driving in Morocco is possible!

Be very careful, however, and avoid driving too fast, even on seemingly deserted roads, because a stray goat could come out of nowhere. But renting a car is your best chance to take the adventure to the most unexpected corners and discover the real Morocco.

If you don’t know what to do in Morocco, here are my itineraries for visiting the north and south of this beautiful country.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the confinement had without any doubt an important impact on the Americans’ physical and psychological health, for this reason it is very important to plan trips to change the routine and to get out of the daily life.

Do not hesitate to check our best tours in Morocco, and to contact us for more pieces of information.