1- What is the Tanjia?

Tanjia is a cooking jar and the name of the stew inside .

 2-The name :

This special dish  is called bent rmad (the daughter of ashes ) or the bacherler s dish ( a dish  that the unmarried people make )

  3-The history  :

the pot s history dates back to the roman empire .

Originally , people used it to transport olive oil and then becomes a cooking jar .

The tanjia is mostly associated with men rather women and it is easy to cook .

When the marrakechi traders take a day off , they go to picnic parks to relax , chat and eat this special dish .

 4-The ingredients

(Garlic , Saffron , Tumeric , Salty butter (semen) , Cumin , Olive oil , Water )

 5-How is it cooked ?

First of all , we put all ingredients together in the jar and we shake it .

Second , we put a paper lid on the jar and sealed it with dead bread dough .

Third,we pierce the paper lid to steam the Tanjia .

The Tanjia takes time to cook , preferably on a slow fire while the meat should have bones ,tendons and fat to be tasty .

The fernatchi( worker who heats the hammam )  ,normally , puts the tangia on ashes for the whole night or from the early morning .

After a few hours of cooking , the meal gets so gelatinous and soft .

Actually , the best meat part to make the Tanjia is calf s tail , shank and the hock .

Today , the Tanjia can include rabbit , chicken , lamb and even fish .There is a vegeterian version of it ,even .

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