What do you know about the moroccan saffron?

The moroccan Saffron is one of the main spices we use in food and it is, originally, from the south east of Morocco.

It is a purple flower which grows in the fields of Taliouine , which has 6 thousands people who live in this irea of Morocco.

To know about Moroccan gold flower Saffron , some  laboratories have done  a lot of researches about moroccan Saffron to make to conclude  its importance in medicine and food too.

It becomes a business which is done mostly by women to create jobs in their rural ireas where they live  .

Therefore, the business of growing moroccan saffron is getting higher and higher every day.

What is the name of  Moroccan Saffron flower?

The noble flower  , Red gold or the king s plant .

 What   is  the history of the Moroccan Saffron?

The Arabs braught Saffron to the kingdom of Morocco around the 10 century .

The Persians also used it as a ritual offering for their dieties during their prayers.

therefore , the plant was widely used and become very popular in moroccan cuisine . Morocc0 comes as the 4 th counry to produce Saffron in the world( after Iran ,India and Greece) , and it grows in Taliouine , a small village in the south of Agadir .

Today , saffron  grows also at the foot of the high atlas mountains too .

 How is Saffron harvested ?

Women wake up  very early in the morning at dawn and hit the road to the saffron fields .Then, the women farmers start to harvest the crop  before it gets so hot .

the process of harvest starts at 4 am in the morning and finishes at 9 am ,approximately .

The harvesting is done, delicately, with the hand and every 150 Saffron flowers give 1 gram of dry stigma.

In otherwords, 150000 flowers give 1 kilo of Saffron .

After collecting the flowers , women put the Saffron flowers on a table with a white cloth .then , the farmers start to seperate the red stigma from the purple flowers.

After the seperation process is over , the wome  farmers dry the Saffron extentively to guaranty its quality and make sure it will have no dust .

 What does the real Moroccan saffron look like  ?

A good quality Saffron has a very red dark colour , strong smell and irresistable taste .

 Health benefits of  Moroccan Saffron 

In morocco , we use Saffron as a natural colouring spice and  a flavouring agent for  food .

In cosmetics and fabric , we use it in perfumes and a good dyer for cloth .

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world for its multiple health benefits   and we obtain it from a flower  crocus.

having Saffron also involves a lot of labour work .

Its benefits are as follows :

  1. It gets rid of anxiety and stress.
  2. It improves the mood and makes one happy and healthy.(antidepressant)
  3. It reduces cancer risk .
  4. It works as an antioxidant
  5. Improves heart health
  6. It prevents the clogging of arteries
  7. Good for memory
  8. lose weight
  9. Prevents excess of glucose accumulation in the blood .
  10. It boosts the immune system.

we also use the Moroccan saffron as a crutial spice to make a the most famous dish in Marrakech called  the TANJIA

and much more.

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