Yair Lapid , Blinken and Nasser Bourita have celebrated the acheivement of peace under The Abraham Accords.

Therefore , Morocco-usa-israel ties celebration are amazing.

Through a video conference , the 3 countries (Israel , Usa and Morocco) renewed their strong ties and their hope for a better future .

Actually , The Abraham Accord is a historic event which will enable stability and peace in the region . It is premordial to mention one more time that Morocco-usa-israel ties celebration are amazing.

Besides , it will pave the way for other countries to follow the steps of Morocco as a Northen African country, seeking peace .

Under the Joint Declaration , Usa proclaimed Morocco souvereinty over the Disputed Western Sahara .

The Usa also renewed their support to the Morocco Autonomy as the only real realistic plan to solve this problem (western sahara ) .

Today , Morocco controls most of the Western Sahara and consider it as part of the whole country .

However , Algeria supports the Front Polisarion and provides it with weapons too.

  •  Morocco and Israel’s  historical relashionship

The jews have lived in Morocco more than 3 thousans years .

For this reason , it  is crystally clear that the jewish vestiges are  all over the kingdom , including volubilis .

Most of the arab countries did not show their agreement to the creation of Israel State in 1948 .

More than a quater of a million jewish people were living in Morocco .

Accordingly , a lot  of jews immigrated to Israel to live and work there .

As a matter of fact , 800,000 jewish people from the arab world went to Israel because they feel unsafe.

the first countries who signed peace with Israel are Egypt and Jordan through Camp David Acoords and Wadi Araba treaty .

Afterwards , 2020 was the turning point for other countries to sign what is called Abraham Accords , including Morocco .

In 10 december 2020 , Morocco and Israel signed an agreement to normalize the old new relation ties .

Then , America played an important role as an intermediater between Israel and Morocco .

The agreement includes economic , security and sociopolitical  cooperation .

  • Benny  Gant’s visit to Morocco

on the 24 th nov 2021 , Benny Gantz  Israel s defense minister , paid a visit to Morocco .

It is the first time in Moroccan history that a defense minister who visits the kingdom .

Morocco-usa-israel ties celebration are amazing.

Benny Gantz signed a memorandum of understanding with his Moroccan counterpart , Abdellatif Loudiyi.

Consequently , Israel and Morocc signed  defense cooperation agreements .

Besides , there will be many other opportunities in military and defense between the 2 countries.

The whole trip of Gantz will pave the way for other kind of cooperations in politics such as building consulates in Israel and Morocco .

The whole trip was very successful and it will strenthen the ties between Rabat and Telaviv  , for sure .

Therefore , Morocco can receive advanced weapons from israel .



  •    More   Fruits for Morocco 

.The Arab league insisted on adopting a full map for Morocco including the Western Sahara .

(A fullfleged map from Tangier to Lagouira) .

Therefore , It is a big win for Morocco and its diplomacy .

. All Us diplomatic missions and agencies use a full map of Morocco ,including the western sahara .

Besides , 20 consulates are open now in Dakhla and laayoune.

Few days ago , all the Gulf Cooperation Council have affirmed their support to Morocco and its western sahara.

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