Dakhla is a city in the south of Morocco , at the Western Sahara .

This part of the kingdom is one the most conflictual places in the whole world .

In other words , the Front Polisario and Morocco have a lot of disagreement about the western Sahara .

Dakhla was built on a peninsula ,which is a part of the main land of  Moroccan sahara .

Therefore, the sandunes meet the oceon, creating one of the most attractive

lanscapes in Morocco.Yes Dakhla in the Western-Sahara is gorgeous.


Captain Emilio Bonelli founded the city Cisneros which will have Dakhla  s name , afterwards.

The lagoon  and oceon around Dakhla has made the place to be famous for tourism and fishing .

Actually , the constant wind and the shallow water has transformed Dakhla as a watersport city .

Although the western sahara  tention is still going on , Tourism industry has boomed ,incredibly, for the last decades.

so many celebrities like to go to dakhla as Richard Branson .

Richard  made it clear that he would invest in Dakhla and he quates :

(i am captivated by Dakhla and its region and i will come back to kitesurf and certainly invest).

Top Things to do in Dakhla

  • Golfing :

Sandgolfing is one of the activities to do in Dakhla .

Rio de Oro golf club is a nice spot to golf  and it spreads over 34 kilometres.

It s course is a mixture of sand ,stones , natural lawn and earth , a unique experience indeed for golfers.

Even with a little knowlege of golfing , you can go through the experience .

Thanks to the golf academey.

  • Watching animals :

the city offers opportunities to see and observe birds and reptiles .

besides , the excurtions along the seacoast  will enable animal -lovers to observe the pink flamingos and much more.

  • Going to  the souq

Even if the Dakhla souk is small , it has some items other cities don t have .

If you have a shopping list , the souk has some interesting items to buy .

The souq worths a tour and that is why  Dakhla in the western -sahara is gorgeous.

  • kitesurfing

Unlike Fes and Marrakech , Dakhla has a beautiful memerizing coast .

Kitesurfing is a very popular sport in Dakhla city and there are some wave spots for that.

The shallow sea , the constant wind ,the weaves make the place the right playground for this kind of sport .

the lagoon has, approximately , 40 kilometres which make it the coast a place to learn and practice kitesurfing.

  • Sipping Moroccan Sahrawi tea :

If you visit Dakhla ,drinking mint tea is a must .

if you want to have a taste of Morocco , you can t do without the tea with saffron .

  • Walking :

Dakhla has 40 kilometres and you can walk and feast your eyes about the beauty of the deserted sea and white sanddunes.

  • Fishing

the constant wind makes the fish to get closer to the shore .

Seize the opportunity and go fishing

  •  Visiting the oldest part of Dakhla :

Try to discover the old houses and streets of the town and plunge into their ancient history .

Don t miss the oldest mosque in town , which was built by the spanish .

  • Swimming

equipped with a hat , sunglasses and sunscreen go to the beach and swim .

sometimes it so windy but you will like the whole experience ,for sure .

  • Eat something good

Since you are in a city on the coast , try some  fresh seafood .

The tagine or tanjia are options too .

You can take a plane from Marrakech to dakhla .

If the trip to dakhla desert is so tiring for you  , you can go to Agafay ( 40 kilometeres from Marrakech ) ,as an alternative.

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