The History of Moroccan Berber Rugs

Yes , The Moroccan caprets are amazing by thier history which stretche back into ancient time. the native inhabitants  live  in Morocco for more than three millennia .

Moroccan carpets are multifunctional and useful for decoration and for everyday use .

Besides, the tradition of making carpets dates back to thousands years ago .They also  vary from one region to other due to the climate .

They are fluffy with a high pile in the mountains with a lot of snow or they are  flat in hot ireas like sahara .

the most important cities which are well known for making carpets are Fez , Marrakech and Rabat .

The Moroccan rugs get very popular in the west ( 13th century) whilet he antique ones fit nicely with the modern decor  .

this popularity of Moroccan berber Mats , til today , has made the manifacturers to use different types , wool , designs and different colours

The Moroccan Carpet Art  :

One  of the characteristics of the Moroccan carpets is that they have symbols of Fertility , Female Sexuality , Freedom and Landscape .

The Evil Eye and the protection symbols are very common  in Moroccan carpets  .

People can get rid of the negative energy and evil eye.

The colours are very telling in the moroccan capets :

– Red means Strength

– Blue means Wisdom

– Yellow means Eternity

– Green means Peace

The berber carpets are so charming and buying one will help cooperatives to help the weavers to keep doing this handmade peices of art .

                                                                                       Types of carpets :

  1. Beni Ouarain : Sheep wool made and has long thick hair decorated with  diamond patterns
  2. Azilal carpets:  Famous in  the high atlas mountains and has a white backgound , decorated with geometrical                                                                    lines of bright colours .
  3. Zanafi carpet : We transport t rice and cereal in it , originally .
  4. Boucherouite rug : Contains scraps of cotton fabrics
  5.  Killim rugs: Is so thick , soft and has diamond patterns .

Our philosofy :

 First , We encourage our dear clients to have a look the  rug art and even buy those peices of art .

 Second , Our job is to guaranty that our clients buy high quality rugs from the right place .

We  also  make sure that they will receive them on the right time.

Finally , we offer free shipping .

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