Moroccan Sahara . Merzouga

We want to inform you Why you should go to Merzouga :

When tourists think of Morocco , the image is sahara and camels .

Yes ,the Moroccan Sahara stretches as far as the eye can see.  the sand, in it, is so soft and beautiful.

One of the best places in sahara is MERZOUGA , Erg Chegaga and Erg Chebbi .

Merzouga is 50 kilometres from Algeria ,35 kilometeres south east of Rissani ,350 kilometeres from Ourzazate and 560 kilometres from Marrakech .

Merzouga was was very green but its people refused to give offerings to a poor lady.

Legend says that God transformed it into a desert with unbeareable scorching  heat.

Today , Merzouga is one of the most attractive places for travelers all over the world .

Recently, so  many Americans , Australians , Asians come to visit Moroccan Sahara

The number of tourists going to Merzouga has increased incredibly and so are the number of hotels .

In Merzouga , everything revolves around sand dunes , camels and the whole experience is really mind blowing .

In addition to this , sleeping in a tent in the middle of thousands of sand dunes around you is a life time experience .

 Things to do in the Moroccan Sahara  Merzouga

  1. If you like excitement in the Moroccan Sahara , you can go for  Quad Biking or Sand Boarding .
  2.  Merzouga is also  a good destination for Birders and Reptile Lovers like :
  3. Flamingos, ducks, sandgrouses a, bustards , skinks , snakes , jerboas ,and fennic fox.
  4.  you can burry yourself in the sand to cure joints inflamation and skin problems .
  5. listen to Gnawa music (the gnawa people were braught from west and central africa as slaves ) and may be buy their CDS to support their economy.
  6. Ride the camels for 30 minutes or an hour .Be careful, try to avoid mounting skinny camels as they might cause terrible  back-pain .
  7. How to go the Moroccan sahara – Mezouga

Since Merzouga is far away , the best is to use ROYAL AIR MAROC to go to Errachidia and then you can take a car  for 2  hours to Mezouga .

Another way of going to Merzouga is CTM and SUPRA TOURS .

Some tours companies have a good reputation and you can use some of them to visit merzouga .

Best time to go to Merzouga is from october to february.

By the way, if you don t have time to travel to Merzouga , we recommend AGAFAY SAHARA .

We also offer tours and transportation in Marrakech and outside it .

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