1- A Breif history of Water-Sellers

The history of water sellers dates back to many centuries ago .Water- sellers played a very important role for water- trade in the moroccan desert .

Besides , they used to distribute water to the old medina houses of Marrakech . Actually, this tradition of water  distribution remained unchanged for ages .

Today, water sellers are on e of the most important components of the big square entertainment .

in other words , they walk around and sell water in the city s streets , the big square too and create a lot of entertainment  .

passers-by take their picture and give them some coins, in return .Furthermore, water sellers become part of Morocco tourist attractions.

Surprinsingly ,water sellers serve their clients water from the goatskin Tar line bag .

2- Water sellers bag( gherba )

It is a peice of skin that water sellers  use to carry water .

As a matter of fact , there is a special craftsman who washes it completely after slaughtering the goat .

Then ,the bag has the stitches through it to close it with a leather band .

Finally , the watersellers put one litter of tar to clean it from the remaining dirt .

To use it  well on the shoulders ,some people attach the handles and then fill it with water .

Some mint leaves and citron are added to water to make it tasty.



3- Water Sellers Outfit 


1-A big hat to have enough shade and to protect the water sellers from the scorching heat , especially on august .


2-A red robe which covers the whole body


3- Slippers which are very typical of Moroccan traditions .


4-The goat skin bag which carries tasty fresh water


5- leather bag which is decorated with coins from all over the world.


6-Glittering brass and tin cups to use for water


7-Some bells to attract the attention of the passersby

 Watersellers are a must to see in the big square of jamaalfna DON T MISS THEM 

We  highly recommend you to see the water sellers and take their pictures  to help the big square to survive .

Near the square of jamaalfna, there is a restaurant called Guerreb  that i recommend highly for my people.( a beautiful view, a beautiful terrase, nice service and amazing food )

If want to try the Tanjia dish , it is the right place to go .

The coffeshop used to be a big hostel for watersellers who had nowhere to sleep .

Then, The coffeshop is convirted into a nice restaurant  which looks upon the olive market and steamed meat stores .

 Cafe Guerrab : Tripadvisor