The Agafay -desert a place not miss.Absolutely beautiful and stunning.

So many travelers go to Morocco with the intention to go to sahara and ride the camels .

However, the trip to the vast desert MERZOUGA  is, approximately , 12 hours to go inside the car .

therefore , it is a very long trip and it requires a lot of patience , devoution and time .

Some tourists have no time and the best way to go through the experience of  sahara is The Agafay Desert(one hour to go ) , a place not to miss.

The Agafay Desert is, almost , 40 kilometeres from the red city ,Marrakech .

In addition to the convenient location 40 kilometeres , its surface is quite fascinating and it has more than hundered acres .

Besides , the white,barren stony dunes of Agafy Desert has  maked it  an attractive retreat for travelers from all over the world .

It is also a place to slow down , relax or even have a message and hammam  in the camps of Agafay .

Actually , the landscape in Agafay Desert looks like you are in Sahara dunes.

You can also feast your eyes about of the beauty of   the snow capped High Atlas Mountains .

A rewarding view indeed.

In this particular place , The Agafy desert, there are many choices where you can do one day excurtion.

You can also spend the night in a berber tent under starry sky in a hilly environment ,with candles and lanterns  .

If you like food you can eat  TANJIA    with Saffron and listen to the GNAWA music .

wether a day excurtion or a night time in Agafay desert  is great way to experience the moroccan desert without tvavelling 12 hours in the car .

Like Sahara ,Agafy can be empty and quite at the first glance but people there will entertain you well .

one of recomemndations to you to do so  is La Pause , White camel , Luxury Camp,scrabeo .

Near Agafay , you can make a trip to Lake Takerkoust or Lalla Takerkoust Lake .

The Lake irea has more than 5000 thousands acres and considered as an ecape from the stress of the big cities.

Lalla Takerkoust is a place where you can practice some jetskis , Walking ,Pedal boats and enjoy nature , considerably .

Quad biking, Camel  and horse Riding are  also  options to do  there.The Agafay-desert a place not miss. stunning.

the French built it during the 20 s to provide Marrakech with elecrecity and water .

Not to miss destination, for sure .