The Blue Men of Sahara Desert are berber nomadic ethnic groups.

They are also indigineous to Morocco and other ireas in North africa (Algeria ,Mauritania,libya,Niger and Mali).

Another name for the blue men  of sahara desert is The Tuaregs.

The Tuaregs origins  are still uncertain .

However , historians describe them as pastoralist berbers .

For centuries , they have lived in the harshest conditions on the planet .

Sahara Desert is big and immense but the tuaregs are experts at finding their way through it .

In other words , the Blue men use the stars to know how to navigate the dunes ,easily.

Their music and peotery have gone beyond the world .

They also played a very important role to spread islam ,partially .

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  • Some Interesting information to know about the Blue Men

  • The Blue Men of sahara desert take it as a tradition to wear blue veils around their faces .

As a matter of fact , they hide their whole face except the eyes and the upper part of the nose.

Tuareg women have more freedom , power and supremacy over their husbands  and they show their faces , though.

  . The Tuareg are berbers  who have a  nomadic life style and every day is a moving day .

in otherwords , they move from one place to another , looking for grass and water .Therefore , everything is portable on camels .

  . The Tuareg colour is blue and has so many symbols :

It represents the sky  and symbolizes divinity in the quran .

The Tuaregs usually smear the Indigo Colour on their skin to protect themseves from the hot  sun.

The indigo colour  is also an  insect repellant .

It is also a man s world (describes  the men s idendity ) and it protects the Tuareg s from evil spirits .

. The Tuaregs converted into islam but they kept their traditions and customs  alife .

An example is :Tuareg women are free to have many lovers before Marriage .

Besides, after the marriage , Tuareg women maintains power in their household.

Women also owns the house , animals after divorce .

.The Tuaregs can not do without  mint tea has with  many healthy herbs .

Drinking the Sahrawi tea helps the digestive system and its aroma releives symptoms of headackes and cold .

. The Tuaregs speak the berber language .

. The Tuaregs are traders , farmers , worriors ,silver jewelery makers and their lives revolves around camels .

The woven hair  is very useful for making tents and rugs that can be easily loaded on camels.

By the way , the best camels are distinguished by their humps.

. The traditon has it that  the bue men of sahara desert take care of the livestock while women cook for the family .


        The Tuaregs Rugs

During the 14 th century ,the Blue Men of Sahara Desert were masters  because of their knowlege about the whole place .

they trade in ivory, salt , gold and make beautiful Mats that they use on daily basis.

The Blue Men Mats are handmade and handwoven with leather , palm date leaves and Camel hair .

the rugs are durable to stand the harsh life of Moroccan sahara and they are decorated with intricate leather .

Mats can cover the floor ,resist the high temperature and easy to roll  .

Today, in Interior Design , so many people use articles to decorate their houses and the Tuaregs Mats are part of the package .

The mats are earthy , longlasting and they have reed ( strong natural  material ) that mke them very unique peices of art .

additionally , they are ideal for High-end Homes with children and pets .

                                                                                                  The Blue Men of Sahara Desert and Camels

Camels are very important in the life of the Blue Men of Sahara Desert.

The Blue men  of Sahara have 50 names of The camels in the Tamasheq Language .


The ship of  the blue Men of Sahara : Camels

Camels can stand the heat and the draught for a long time .

With a little food and water , they survive the immense hot desert .

The blue Men of Sahara Desert rely heavily on camels and they use them to carry goods .

In addition to that , the camel s dung is very  useful for building fire in sahara .

Camels can  also provide the Tuaregs with milk , meat , hair , leather .

Selling camel leather is a source of income for so many people in Sahara now .