what is henna?

The Moroccan Culture and Tradition of Henna Tattoos  becomes very famous all over the world.

It is a plant or shrub which grows in the midterranean ireas, mainly in North Africa .

Interistingly , Moroccans  ground the  leaves of henna  to obtain fine powder and mix it with water to have a mud-like green paste.

Then , the henna artists use the paste to create beautiful desings and patterns on the skin and other parts of the body.

The Moroccan culture and tradition of henna tattos vary from one place to another within the kingdom.

The henna Tattoo Tradition :

The henna tatto ceremony is a very special event and takes place before the wedding celebration .

Moroccan women  apply henna on the palm and feet of the bride and sometimes on the hair too .

Interestingly, the more we leave henna on the skin the longer the color of the tatto stays , 2 weeks .

In Morocco , the woman who applies the henna patterns on the skin has the Naqasha or Hannaya name .

To make the henna paste better , the Naqasha adds other elements such as brewed tea ,  lime juice , cloves .

Therefore , the color of the henna grows darker and its quality gets better and better .

Types of Henna :

In Morocco , there are different syles of Henna that varies from one region to another .

  •       The Fes or Fassi type : this style originates from fes  (an imperial city) and it is one of the most famous ones in the country.the Fassi type has so many  geometric patterns that are so complicated to design .
  •        Marrakech or Marrakechi type : this style relies heavily on using floral patterns and more spaces on the skin which are not touched .
  •       Mekness or Meknessi type : this type comes in the middle between the fassi and Marrakechi , using floral patterrns which are filled with geometric designs.
  •       Sahara or Sahrawi type : in the deep south of Moroccan sahara women use henna with patterns that reprent the landscape they are living in  .An example of this is symbolic patterns like the eye , hand , river and sandunes .
  •        Gulf or khaleeji type : it is a style which originates from  the persion golf ireas and uses a lot floral motives on the skin  .


Benefits of using henna :

Henna popularity gets higher because of its benefits for the hair and skin.( women use it  more than men ).

The  henna paste on your hair can work miracles by strenghtening  and giving  it a shinny colour .

Some moroccan male muslims like to even  apply the henna on their beards , making it so orange or dark brown .

Using henna also is a good treatment for scalp psoriasis and , thus , a good hair conditioner .

concerning the skin , the moroccan culture and traditon of henna tattoo can make your skin prettier and attractive .

Addionally , henna has curative properties for those who suffer from arthritis , reducing the stiffness of the joints .

Henna at weddings :

Part of the traditional wedding is the henna party .

Tradionally , the bride , her friends and the family relatives come to chat over the married life .

Actually , already married women gives the bride advices and tips to prepare the bride for her wedding night .

Therefore,the  henna party is a symbol of changing from childhood to adulthood and is a sign of solidarity and frienship.

Some brides include the groome s name as a  good omen for the party .

Besides , the bride s friends sprinkle the henna on the ground to potect  her from the evil eye .

Again the culture and tradition of henna tatoos are deeply rooted in the Moroccan society .

Henna tools :

  • A plastic syringe
  • A syringe needle
  • A Syringe handle
  • A natural henna paste
  • Hand rolled empty henna cones

Having mentioned the above elemnts , we fill the syringe with natural henna paste , press the handle and the paste comes out , very simple .

By the way , in the square Jamaalfna , try to avoid using black henna tattoos which is not good for the skin.

Accordingly , we recommend you  to book a private certified guide in advance to help you navigate the square safely .

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