• Moroccan souvenirs to Shop in Marrakech :

  • Lamps :

The best gift to buy is a beautiful lamp .

It is a gorgeous peice of art which can  make your house warmer and cosier.

lamps can have different shapes , qualities (silver , puter, brass and tin ), sizes and designes too .Some hang while others are freestanding .

It is better for any one who is willing to buy lamps to touch and observe their quality .

Therefore, make sure you choose the right ones please.

  • Leather cushions

Leather cushions are so nice too to look at and buy them .

Their cost can vary according to the size,the quality and intricacy as well .

You can purchase one with 150 dirham , 300 dirham and the most intricate ones cost more .

In America , their price is 6 times the moroccan ones.

Remember , the good deal is when clients and vendors are happy .WIN WIN .

  • Woven blankets

They are soft and beautiful with poms poms on each eand of them .

you can purchase them with their different colours and sizes .

Accordingly , they worth every penny.

  • Moroccan carpets

the berbers have used carpets for centuries and they are hand made .

Women do most of the work and use them daily in their houses .Today , they are t one of the best items to buy in Marrakech .-

The middle and high atlas mountains are very famous places to make rugs which come in different sizes and colours .

Moroccan carpets have a lot of history and their reputation go beyong the globe today .

If you want to know more about moroccan carpets ,click here .


  • Moroccan wedding blankets (handira)

Tradionally , the berbers ( the native inhabitants of Morocco) use them as capes .

they are gorgeous as bed covers , on the wall (as a peice of decoration ), or like a rug .

What makes those wedding blankets fantastic is the metal shiny sequins on them as they make melodic jingly sounds.

Besides , the berber blankets have miraculous motifs which characterizes the berbers history.

  • Costmetic and Culinary

  • Argan oil

the hottest product to buy in Morocco is argan oil or saffron, today .

It becomes one of most well known oils all over the world .

Very famous women  singers and fashion designers use it for their skin and hair like Selena Gomez ,Kim Kardashian, Madonna       

In Marrakech , the streets are so full with this argan  oil and you can find it everywhere.,end to end , shop by shop .

There are 2 types of argan : edible and cosmetic .

Yes the argan oil has changed the lives of so many berbers and make Morocco very famous all over the world .

Therefore , one bottle of argan oil should end up in your suitcase but make sure you have the real one .

Some important imformations you should know about argan oil :

the culinary  argan oil has nutty smell and taste

you can t use the edible aragan oil for your face .

Each argan tree can produce 4 literes of argan oil , yearly .

The argan tree can live 150 years to 200 years.


                                                                                 Tips to Shop in Marrakech

  • Place : 

the best place to shop is  the back part of the market where prices cheaper than the front part of the souk .

  • Money

Some stores don t use the credit card .please take some cash with you .

  • Prices and negotiations

Sometimes  you don t know if you are paying the real price or not .

therefore , get inside some shops to have a geral idea about the prices .then , negotiate for your products as much as you can .

If you are not happy about the prices, do as if you walk away .

This will make the sellers to call you to go back to their stores.

Accept mint tea if you really want to shop .Otherwise , reject it with a smile .

Leave the shop if the vendor is rude .

And finally , don t try to negotiate hard in places where there are fixed prices .

Generally speaking, if you come to Marrakech and need some Shopping help , click on this 


Shopping  is one of the most fascinating experiences in Marrakech.

The haggling , the browezing , the feelings of the experience is mindblowing .

Shopping helps  to  support the local businesses and help the Moroccan economy, too .

Accordinly , our comapany will take care of  this Marrakech Guided Experience and will never let you down .