Best things to do in Fes  .

Yes Fes is in an amzing city and if you decide to visit it , you will feel that you travel  to another world .

You will feel that time is stagnant in it and you will have the impression that you went back into time .

Like Marrakech , Fes was the capital of Morocco and has the biggest medina in North Africa .

Furthermore , its old mosques , narrow streets , endless souks , hammams , old architecture sites are the best things to see.


The gate is one of the main sites to see in Fes and its color( blue) is so clear that you can see it from  a distance .

It is a showcase of the gates which explain  the history of the 12 century and the grandour of Fes as an imperial city .

The best things to do in fes is to feast your eyes about the beauty of Bab Jloud gate .

Once you get inside the old medina , you will see the gate which leads  to the souk irea and much more.

The gate will give you also the access to some historical monuments that worth a visit like the Mederasa Bou Inania.

Mederasa Bou Inania

It is a religious school in the center of the old medina where non muslims can get inside and have a look .

The school s history dates back to (1350 – 1357) and was functional til 1960 s .

The Marinid Sultan Faris Ibn Ali Abu Inan Al Muttawakkil is the name of the founder of the Bou Inania Mederasa .

The archeticture s beauty of the school make it a must for any visitor of Fes to visit the site .

The Tanneries

One of the most famous sights in Fes is Chouara Tannery that is waiting for you to discover .

You can t visit Fez without going through the experience of  smelling the all types of leather soacked in pits.

Accordingly ,we do recommend the Chouara for you as it is the largest Leather tannery in Morocco .

You will also have the chance to see all processes to treat the leather from A to Z .

Morocco is an agricultural country and we have a lot of livestock , a lot of types of leather too .

Tradionally , leather workers dye animal skin in holes with water , urin , pigeon poop and other ingredients .

Leather workers also color the leather with saffron , poppies and henna too.

Though the whole place smells bad , it worths a visit .

Besides, you will have some mint leaves to avoid all those stinky unpleasant smell .

Chouara rooftop is the best spot to see the tannery place and may be have a cup of mint tea .Don t miss the place.

Kairaouine University

If you are in Fes , pay a visit to one of the oldest universities in the whole world , Kairaouine .

The founder of this historical site is Fatima Al Fihri who was born in tunisia in the town of Kairouan.

The Kairaouine mosque and university can hold more than 20 000 thousands people and is one of the largest mosques in the kingdom.

Non muslims can t go inside this religious building but you can have a glimpse through the entrance gate .

the interior of the Mosque , the work of the tiles , the marble floor makes the place one of the most distinguished places in Fes.

Discover the outside of this religious school and make sure you peep at the intricate interior of  it , very contrasting .

Shop in the Medina souk

Fes souk can be a safe heaven for shoppers who want to buy Moroccan souvenirs  .

That is  why one of the main attractions of fes is Fes el Bali where you can find all types of Moroccan handicrafts .

Slippers , lamps , handmade chandeliers , spices , fruits, vegetables , rugs , meat all mixed together in a chaotic way.

You can find most of  the items, which are displayed for sale  , in the west of the Karaouiyine mosque .

If you are not into shopping , you can walk and discover the charm of the souk , a place like no other .

For picture lovers , the souk can be the right place to take so many photos.

The souk of Fes is so big and walking is the only  way to  do it .Be prepared for it please .


The best things to do in Fes is to explore the jewish sector .

Fes has a long history with the jews who lived side by side with the muslim population since the 10 th and 11 th century.

Besides , most of the kings and sulltans of Morocco have supported the jews incredibly .

In fes , you will have the chance to learn the jewish heritage and the decline of the jews number .

Yes Fes had the largest commmunity of jews in the muslim world and the jews used Mellah ( the oldest in Morocco) to protect themselves .

When Israel became a state , the jews s number decreased in fes and other cities too .

Places to see : Ibn Danan Synagogue , streets of Mellah , wooden balconies , jewish cemetery .

There are so many tombs around the Mellah which is part of the Morocan history .Not to miss .

Royal Palace ( Dar El Makhzen )

Altough you can t go inside the Royal Palace ( dates back to the 13 th c ) , it worths to see its exterior .

The 7 doors of the palace are amazing and their sizes  will take  your breath away  .

Besides , the work of tiles , brass doors ,the atmosphere is an apporunity for you to take numerous pictures .

The whole palace is 195 acres and has high walls to protect the king of Morocco and his family .

It is the king Hassan the 2 who built the Mechouar ( a huge square in front of the 7 gates of the palace ).

Make a stop outside the palace , take pictures and enjoy the Moroccan architecture .Very impressive.

Jnane Sbil Garden :

If you want  to get away from the chaos of fes , the noises of the sellers  , pay a visit to Jnane Sbil Garden.

The garden brings a bird life to the place  , so listen to the birds chirpping.

Enjoy sunset in this garden and empty your mind , very relaxing .

Relax and observe the locals of Fes come to the garden to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the daily life.

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