Morocco :

In our blog , we will provide you with some travel tips to visit the kingdom of Morocco.

Morocco has been a meeting place of so many civilizations , cultures and people too .

The Carthagians , the Romans , the Berbers , the Arabs , the Jews  are all part of Moroccan s idendity  .

The location of  Morocco  also adds up to the importance of the country and makes it the gate of Africa and Europe .

From the Atlantic coast , to the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains , to the vast sahara sand dunes , the landscape is very diversified and rich .

Besides , the kingdom of Morocco was a French Colony from 1912 to  1956 .

As a result , the french  is the first foreign language in the country.

Aditionally , Moroccans speak other languages and dialects such as : Clasical Arabic , Moroccan dialect and the berber language.

By the way , the Berbers are the native inhabitants of Morocco and have lived in North Africa for centuries.

Today , the berbers are moving from the mountains to big cities to look for work .

To sum it up , Morocco is a mesmerizing monarchy  with a rich , diversified history and exciting culture .

Some Travel Tips To Visit The Kingdom  :

Morocco is an attractive destination for Travelers from all over the world and here are some facts

that you should know if you plan to visit the kingdom :

Start your trip with cities like Marrakech , fez , rabat …..

Like FesMarrakech comes at the top of  list and one of the best destinations for a holiday in Morocco .

With vibrant markets , ancient historical  sites , miraculous green gardens , marrakech combines the best of Morocco.

There are also so many things to discover around the outskirt of the city :

  •  Ski in the Oukaimden , in the High Atlas mountains .
  •  Go to sahara Agafy and ride camels , especially if you don t have enough time.
  •  Surf , eat seafood and  shop the argan oil and saffron  in Essaouira in one day excurtion.
  •  Climb the waterfalls of Ouzoud .

Dress modestly and correctly :

If you plan to visit Morocco , make sure  you don t wear provocative clothes .

Men can wear what they like but women should cover up  to avoid misunderstanding.

Therefore , we  recommend that you have a shawl or scarf in your bag incase .

Eat with your right hand :

Moroccans eat with their right hands and it is frowned upon to eat with left the  hand , though.

It is more likely you will be with some Moroccans who eat with their right hand , so have a try.

Learn to negociate :

Negociation is part of your experience in Morocco and we want you to make it with a lot of  fun .

If you want to shop in the markets , make it as a rule to haggle as much as you can .

Unless you get a good deal , pretend to walk away and the vendors will call you to come back.

Have a certified tour guide , if you can :

Certified tour guides can be very helpful to show you around places , especially in the maze of the old medinas.

Guides also  can give you an explination about the history and cutlture of Morocco , especially the first day.

If you plan to visit Marrakech , here are the tours we do :

walking tour

Shopping tour

Marrakech by Night

Foodie Tour

customized tours

We can also provide our dear clients with Transportation if they need it .


Don t expect every one to speak English

It is worth noting that not everybody speaks English or French and the best way is to ask :

Tkllem englese ?(in Aarabic ) or parley vous Anglais (in french ) to know whose whose .

Moroccans are very talented in languages and can switch from one language to another easily.

However , some people speak only Arabic and the berber language , especially in rural ireas .

Accordingly , it is much better to learn some Arabic words to survive in Morocco.

Holding hand in hand is a sign of friendship :

While you visit Morocco , you may see two males  or females holdings hands .

This phenomena of holding hands has nothing to do with beings gays or lesbeians .

Moroccan currency and the cost :

Small shop owners , taxi drivers and street sellers don t use credit cards .however , big bazars can use it .

Make sure you have  enough Moroccan currency (Dirham ) with you .

Drink mineral water :

Don t drink tab water if you want t stay safe .

Make sure you don t use ice cubes either  , especially if it is mixed with orange juice .

Mosques are only for muslims in Morocco :

Some Moroccans can frown upon you if you try to get inside , especially if you are not a muslim .

however , there are some exceptions like the mosque of Hassan the Second in Casabalanca .

Keep some distance and have a look from outside .

Alcohol , drugs and parties :

Most of the people who live in Morocco are muslims .Yet , you may see people drink alcohol and smoke in clubs .

Avoid talking to  strangers :

Everything has a price for some people in Morocco .

Some locals may offer their services for free but you will end up paying the price ( high) .

Therefore , if you get lost, talk to cafe shop owners  and they will show you the way.

Fridays are holy days :

Some shops inside the markets close on fridays because the artisans take a day off to rest .

For this reason , make sure you know this in advance if you are travelling to Morocco.

It is also important to know that in  Ramadan few restaurants ( for tourists) open during the day .

Ask before you take photos :

Some people may not like you to take their pictures and we recommend that you take permission first .

Unless you buy something , taking pictures of people or places can be a difficult job .

A  small smile , a tip and permission can solve the problem.

Bring some  hand sanitizers and toilet papers:

you may find some bathrooms with no toilet papers , so bring yours .

Besides , prepare some coins in advance to get inside those public toilets , they are not free .

Take Kleenex germ removal wet wipes with you if you travel to Morocco . Otherwise , it is available in drugstores in big cities.

Cats are everywhere :

There are  so many stray cats in Morocco but the locals take care of them well .

In case you have some allergy , make sure you stay away from them please .

We hope we have covered the most important facts to know before you decide to travel to Morocco .

In this way ,  Travel tips to visit Morocco s blog will  make you  well prepared for an amazing experience in the kingdom.